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The Royal Ballet Exhibition

Join us for a look at these 34 stylised images of Royal Ballet dancers by photographer Rick Guest and stylist Olivia Pomp.

This stunning exhibition celebrates the physicality and expression of the dancers’ bodies, capturing them in a different light away from the Royal Opera House in a fusion of three art forms: photography, fashion and dance.

25th Jan: 10am – 4pm
26th & 27th Jan: 10am – 6pm


All works available for sale on our online gallery. Click Here

Now Is All There Is - Bodies in Motion is an exhibition of 34 stylized images of Royal Ballet dancers taken by photographer Rick Guest. Celebrating the physicality and expression of the dancers’ bodies, this exhibition captures them in a different light away from the Royal Opera House and uniquely styled by Olivia Pomp.

This series of black and white photographs is the fusion of three art forms: photography, fashion and dance. These images were taken over the last two years and illustrate key disciplines of ballet technique - balance and poise - but with a strong fashion edge that is both evocative and playful.

The exhibition takes its name from a quote by choreographer George Balanchine calling for his dancers to be ‘in the moment’, to never hold back and to give everything, ‘What are you waiting for? What are you saving yourself for? Now is all there is!’ This passionate plea has been realised in these photographs which captures some of The Royal Ballet dancers in an astonishing moment in time.

The Royal Ballet dancers photographed for this project include Lauren Cuthbertson, Melissa Hamilton, Marianela Nuñez, Nehemiah Kish, Steven McRae, Thiago Soares, Johannes Stepanek, Eric Underwood, Edward Watson and Zenaida Yanowsky.

Olivia and Rick have a unique partnership which has developed over many years collaborating on international editorial commissions. Rick’s extensive experience of photographing athletes - most recently for the London Olympic Games - gives him the insight into how best to capture the human body in motion, seizing moments of weight and weightlessness.

For this project, Olivia focused on celebrating the strength and power inherent in the dancers’ poise, underlining their form by styling with unconventional garments and accessories custom-crafted by young British designers including Derek Lawlor, Hannah Morgan, Alison Lewis, Georgina Pragnell and Ana Rajcevic.

Each image is float-mounted and framed in American oak to form a dramatic installation. All art pieces are a limited edition of six and will be for sale.

“Guest, who has photographed sportspeople including Wayne Rooney and Christiano Ronaldo…and recently worked on the 2012 London Olympic Games, teamed up with stylist Olivia Pomp to capture dancers in a new light”. The Independent, Radar

“Ballet fans will enjoy this exhibition of photographs of Royal Ballet Stars” Sunday Times Culture

“Taken over the past two years by photographer Rick Guest, the images aim to illustrate the key disciplines of ballet technique: Balance and poise” BBC News Entertainment Arts

Read an interview with Rick Guest and our own Ali Hillman.

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