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And Then The World Presents...The iPad and Tablet Computing Revolution

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  • Tuesday 28th June 7:00pm
  • Based in Forest Room

In March 2010 Steve Job’s launched arguably Apple’s most disruptive product yet, the iPad.

In the intervening months, the iPad has made it to its second iteration, has shifted 40 million units, and lead the way for numerous other competitors to come to market.

In short it has launched a tablet computing revolution, a revolution that will disrupt many industries before it’s finished.

Armed with the last year’s learnings, this month’s And Then The World presents... explores the iPad, tablet computing and the future disruptions it will cause.

What will it do to the living room? The publishing industry? The laptop? And so on...

Speakers On The Night Are:

Stuart Knapman - Essential Research

Stuart is one of the founding partners of media research agency, Essential - who have just finished a large research project on the iPad, the insights gleaned from which he will be sharing with us.

Tom Harding - Made By Many

Tom is a senior experience designer at Made By Many, a digital product development and innovation agency. He will be sharing his learnings on tablet devices and how humans (yes, they're an important part of the equation!) interact with them.

Introduction by Tom Le Bree - Creative Strategist at rehabstudio

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Coming Soon to And Then The World Presents...

- Mobile Money and a Cashless Society
- Sharing is Caring - The Rise of Collaborative Consumption
- Filtering - Stopping Serendipity or Perfect Personalisation
- Debate: The Future of the Web

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