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Unit Lab presents North Lights

 Sunday, 18th September, 2016

Introducing Unit Lab, one of the h.Club Foundation's Emerging Creatives

Design studio Unit Lab, one of the six creatives supported by the h.Club Foundation’s Emerging Creative programme, will showcase their North Lights series in The Hospital Club’s front window from Sunday 17th-Wednesday 21st September 2016.

Unit Lab was cofounded by Mike Vanis and Cindy Strobach, who have backgrounds in computer science and design. Their ethos is to create products that pair discovery with utility to bring science into our everyday lives.

North Lights are a series of table lights with their own mind which bring traditional orientation into the home. The lights are influenced by the historical significance of the North Star as a navigational reference. The lights can be rotated around their axes and only switch on when they are facing North. The forms of the lights are inspired by the three different Norths that exist on our planet.

North Lights will be on display in our front window from Sunday 17th-Wednesday 21st September as part of London Design Festival.

Mike and Cindy are supported by the h.Club Foundation and Absolut.

Click here to find out more about the h.Club Foundation’s Emerging Creatives or to apply for the 2017 programme.