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Be Bold and Dream

 Monday, 6th March, 2017

Member Mark Heywood dreams big with entrepreneurs April Kelley and Sara Huxley.

Breaking in to the industry. You hear that all the time. It's become a mantra. I get the sentiment behind the words but the words themselves have always struck me as misplaced. Misused.
Breaking in is something furtive. Something you do with the lights off. When there's nobody around. When you can be in and out quickly, anonymously. Illegally.
Why would you want to break in? Don't do it at night when the owners are on holiday, when the dog is elsewhere and the neighbours are having a party with the music blaring so they can't hear you.
Screw that. Break in when everyone can hear you. Smash the door in, set the alarms off and let the whole damn world know you are there. That's what I'd do. And that's why I admire April Kelley and Sara Huxley, actors, producers, and club members. They're not breaking in. They're doing exactly what Karlina said in her post on this page recently. Nothing in life comes for free and we must understand this if we are to make our dreams a reality. 
I couldn't agree more with Karlina and her words made me immediately think about April and Sara and the recent accomplishments of their award-winning company Mini Productions. I met them several years ago and was immediately struck by the way in which they were grabbing the industry by the scruff of the neck and making things happen. They've built a high quality slate in a short time. But there's something else I admire. Something that goes beyond making film and TV.
April and Sara are about to take their Acting On A Dream initiative to a whole new level. It's a very bold concept based around the theme that "anything is possible" and it will help charities and good causes raise awareness for important issues. Here it is in their words:
"Acting On A Dream is here to make you stop and take a moment to think about what YOU want. What YOUR dreams and aspirations are. To mark when you take one step closer to achieving them and the moments you actually make happen. Because you will, big or small, they will happen. And those days will be amazing."
April and Sara want people to take the time to stop and think about their dream. They are creating an online hub where people can access material (e.g. inspirational articles, videos) which will help them achieve their dreams. It’s about empowering people to take control and do all the things that Karlina mentioned in her post.  Once you see it you will want to get involved. To find out more head over to
Every industry needs the occasional shake up and this is why I admire April and Sara. They're not just being bold for change. They are change. Not the future, but the now. Can't get a break, catch a wave, get a leg up? It's not just hard, it's impossible.  Well it is if you wait for it to come to you. 
Don't do that. Go and find it. Do what April and Sara do.
Dream. Be Bold. Let the whole world know you are coming.