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60 seconds with…The Computers

 Monday, 8th August, 2016

We caught up with The Computers, who performed at the #RocksLondon gig here with @London

We caught up with The Computers to find out about their upcoming album Birth/Death and which computer is their favourite...

It took us 2 months to record Birth/death. Such quality requires the time. That said, our first album was completed in just 4 days…

We hope the title Birth/Death sums the album up. It's about the point of birth to the point of death, love life and everything in between. We call this "now" rock n roll.

Our new single is called This Ain’t Right. There are so many things wrong right now, the media being the worst. Scare mongering the ill-advised public to feel hate for any diversity. We believe that multi culturalism is what makes this Island great. And sadly the general public are starting to forget that.

Excluding ourselves, our favourite computer is the Game Boy!

In French we are called 'le ordinaters'. The first time we met mick jones from The Clash, he welcomed us as 'the ordinaters'.

We approach every year with the same attitude, to conquer and enhance lives! We have the new album out soon, so of course the people must hear this album. And so we will performing it to the masses.

The Computers performed in the Oak Room on Wednesday 10th August. Keep your eyes peeled on @London on YouTube for highlights.