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Meet Club Member Brij Raja

 Friday, 21st October, 2016

We catch up with the Founder of MOJA Clothing as part of our Member Spotlight series

Meet Brij Raja

Brij is the founder of MOJA Clothing and an analyst at Z Investment Partners. He was educated at Eton College and graduated from UCL in 2014 having read Classics (BA Hons).

Brij was born in Kenya and grew up in Tanzania, which is where the African inspiration for his fashion label stems from. MOJA Clothing was started as a way to bring traditional African fashion to the west and all of the products are made from local Tanzanian Kitenge material, very similar in texture and feel to linen/cotton.

Brij is a huge believer in sustainable entrepreneurship and MOJA Clothing seeks to enable local tailors and factories in Tanzania to develop and grown in a fair and sustainable way.

This interview is part of our Member Spotlight series. Video courtesy of LY London