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Fashion through the seasons

 Wednesday, 13th September, 2017

Emerging Creative Nicola Brindle tells us what inspired her past collections.

Ahead of her first presentation at London Fashion Week, h.Club Foundation Emerging Creative Nicola Brindle talks about the inspiration behind her past collections.

SS18 marks my first presentation at London Fashion Week. Like my previous collections, SS18 will be designed around a ‘story’, a story developed from my obsessions on different subjects, from personal to the historical or even the erotic. Using humour, strong graphics and a lot of glitter – each collection showcases one of these stories giving them each their own personalities. From story to story I’ve seen my brand grow and evolve, each time proving challenging and educational but always designed with my customer in mind. Before I present my new collection this fashion week, I’m looking back on how my previous seasons have translated my personal obsessions to unique collections.

‘Pin Ball’ AW15 was my debut collection 3 years after graduating from London College of Fashion. Inspired by the film work of Ken Russell the collection took references from the 1975 rock opera ‘Tommy’ and the 1962 pop art documentary ‘Pop goes the easel’. Digital prints and embroidery were created in the pop art/ collage style of Pauline Boty and Peter Phillips using images found on vintage arcade cabinets and pinball machines.

SS16 ‘Gentle Rogue’ looked at the work of iconic mills and boon erotic novels. Each piece of the collection represented part of a ‘official fan club’ uniform, decorated with the torso emblems and lacing details. ‘Gentle rogue’ striped back the erotic elements of the subject and created a girl guide spirit using prints from 70’s supermarket branding, Tupperware and erotic novel cover art. 

‘Fine Dining’ AW16 was full on Americana themed dining experiences. Focusing in on the 1950’s rise of Polynesian culture in bars, restaurants and architecture. Tiki pop and the ‘exotic’ lifestyle reached suburban households and flooded the era with paraphernalia celebrating the statehood of Hawaii. Resulting in many classic films such as ‘South Pacific’ (1958), ‘Blue Hawaii’ (1961) and ‘Mutiny On the Bounty’ (1962). Each piece in ‘Fine Dining’ was a uniform referencing the cultural clash. Prints of Volcanos, Tiki Masks and fast food signs combine together in bright plastic colours that bring the South Seas to life.

SS17 ‘Award Season’ referenced my childhood memories and a playful reflection on my own competitive streak and drive. Having grown up the child of two teachers, the collection celebrates education and competition through symbolic gestures. Looking at the various awards won as a child from swimming to attendance and using school motto of ‘Aim High’ the collection is a throwback to a 90’s high school experience. Dresses worn to school discos and glittery ‘Goal Attack’ Netball kits and sporty P.E. jumpers recreate a high shine childhood.

‘Jackpot’ AW17 was inspired by the power of luck and magic of self-belief. The collection is adorned with glitter-dusted crossed fingers, lucky coins and fruit machine symbols. Referencing 70’s Las Vegas strip, vintage game shows and high street casino arcades. ‘Fruity’ and ‘Jackpot’ text adds a comedic tone to the seedy Las Vegas setting, lucky imagery of fruit, coins and crossed fingers repeat throughout the collection bring to life the atmosphere of a flashy casino.

SS18 will see my work follow a new and more personal story which, to be revealed to the world on the 17th September 2017 

Nicola is part of the h.Club Foundation Emerging Creatives 2017 programme, we'll be keeping you up-to-date on her activities throughout the year, but in the meantime, you can check out her past collections here.