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The Bigger Picture

 Monday, 17th October, 2016
31st October - 6th November

Our week-long series of events that aim to inspire creative thinking for a more sustainable future

How we are using creativity to shape the future from 31st October-6th November

For the past four years, Sustainability Week has been an important highlight in The Hospital Club events programme. This year, the Club is building on the success of this annual series of events by growing its scope and impact under a brand new name: The Bigger Picture.

Taking place from Monday 31st October to Sunday 6th November, these events aim to generate engagement with key social, economic and environmental issues, and inspire creative thinking for a more sustainable future.

Highlights include a panel talk with Sir Tim Smit, KBE, Executive Vice Chairman and co-founder of the Eden Project and Matthew Owen, Director of Cool Earth, a special live theatrical performance, a workshop on the 7 habits you need to perform consistently and a talk on sustainable fashion with pioneers Orsola de Castro, Anna Loucah and Olivia Pinnock.

Below are some of the events taking place during The Bigger Picture Week that are open to all.

Monday 31st October: Investing in Our Future - Can Technology be for Life? 7.15pm,The Oak Room

There is a great reliance on technology to solve environmental problems but what does the future hold for sustainable technology? And can we upgrade the technology we have without impacting the environment. Join a panel of speakers for a discussion on the key issues surrounding technology and sustainability.


Tuesday 1st November: You, Business and The Bigger Picture, 
7.15pm, The Oak Room

Business is recognised as a primary driver in accelerating sustainability. But it is individuals within organisations who are the real catalysts for change. Speakers at this talk and Q&A session include Sir Tim Smit, KBE - Executive Vice Chairman and co-founder of the Eden Project, and Matthew Owen, Director of Cool Earth, the charity that works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction.


Wednesday 2nd November: Apokalypsis – Live Performance, 7.30pm, The Oak Room

From our earliest writings we have struggled with our relationship with our planet. We have yearned to understand her mysteries, to try and tame her temper and to avert our disruption of her divine order. Join us for Apokalypsis, an immersive live performance that will bring you face to face with the things that threaten our existence.


Thursday 3rd November: Understanding how to fulfil your true potential, 8.30am, The Oak Room

Do you find your life speeding you by while your dreams and aspirations are stuck on the back burner?The Wondr Academy aim to show you how simple changes to your lifestyle can help you fulfill your true potential. The speakers will introduce you to a framework of 7 habits that can be lived each day and help you perform consistently better.


Thursday 3rd November: Kathy Dalwood – Artist Talk, 7pm, The Loft Lounge

Sculptor and artist Kathy Dalwood will talk about her work and Secret Society collection, which is on display in The Hospital Club’s front window throughout The Bigger Picture. Kathy’s work is based on a plethora of everyday materials and found objects that are ‘collaged’ together to create elegant and luxurious artwork.


Friday 4th November: Is There Such a Thing as Fair Luxury? 7.15pm, The Oak Room

The Oak Room will host a talk with some of the fashion industry's most sustainable pioneers, including Orsola de Castro, founder of From Somewhere, award-winning fine jeweller and freelance designer Anna Loucah and Olivia Pinnock from The Fashion Debates. The panel will discuss the relationship between sustainable fashion and the economy. This talk will be followed by a Swishing clothes swap party and an open deck vinyl night.


Saturday 5th November: Unrestrained – Interactive Workshop for Children! 2pm, The Oak Room

Unrestrained is an interactive workshop for young people to explore their creative identity and imagination through physical theatre activities, vocal exercises and drama games aimed at improving their confidence, individuality and self-expression. The workshop will be broken down into the four segments which each exploring a pillar of communication in storytelling: thought, word, movement and heart. Suitable for ages 8-13.


Sunday 6th November: Tiny Dancers: Endangered Species! 2pm, The Oak Room

Join us in the Oak Room for an animal-themed mini disco session with DJ Dan Lywood.
There will also be a face painter for the children with plenty of animal-themed fun and games throughout the afternoon. This event is appropriate for children aged 0-10 and all children must be accompanied by a parent. We encourage everyone to come dressed as an endangered animal.