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Why shopping for local, sustainable fashion doesn't have to be difficult

 Tuesday, 10th October, 2017

The Bigger Picture

Why shopping for local, sustainable fashion doesn't have to be difficult.

Embarking on a personal journey to improve an aspect of your life can sometimes seem like a bit of a daunting and time-consuming task, and for most of us time is a precious commodity. However, for most of us self-improvement, whilst wanting to better the world around us, is also an important aspect of our lives. The motivation is there, and with The Hospital Club’s The Bigger Picture week, you can also acquire the know-how.

Sustainability has become a buzzword in the fashion industry. It may seem like it would take a lot of effort to turn your sartorial habits into sustainable ones, but that doesn’t have to be the case. And by no means does engaging with sustainable fashion mean you’ll be stuck for choice. In London alone there are a wealth of social enterprises and start-ups with sustainable business models, selling and promoting ethical and conscious fashion. Many of which are pushing boundaries in highly creative ways through the use of technology and innovation, and are altogether a lot more interesting than most high street or fast fashion alternatives. 

One example of a sustainable fashion brand doing great things in London is Adrenna, a customisable sportswear brand tailored just for you. Another is Rêve En Vert, a luxury fashion e-commerce site coined the ‘Net-a-Porter of sustainable fashion’. Or if you’re looking for a fun, upbeat, feminist start-up that refuses to use sweatshops or photoshop, look no further than Birdsong London. 

There is even a start-up that has moved away from the traditional idea of just selling an item, and instead promotes clothing rental as a sustainable alternative. Wear the Walk is a London-based subscription service, or ‘online fashion library’, offering a rotating cycle of clothes at your disposal for all occasions. As a plus, they also only stock emerging designers so you’d be supporting young creatives, whilst getting to wear bespoke designer pieces. 

All of these brands can be found online, and deliver to you, so you can shop for local, sustainable fashion just as easily as shopping at any of the big high street brands. Only you’ll have the added extras of loving the pieces you wear more, and feeling great knowing that you’re championing sustainability within the fashion industry through your choices. There’s also a host of resources online that’ll help you make informed choices about the clothes you buy, including Not My Style, which is an app that tells you how much information your favourite fashion brands share about the women and men who make our clothes, whilst also suggesting a list of sustainable fashion ‘star’ stores so you can discover even more ethical, feel-good brands.

If you’re interested in learning more, and seeing these brands up close, as part of The Hospital Club’s The Bigger Picture week, you can join Not My Style on Thursday 2nd November for a showcase in sustainable fashion from a range of the UKs hottest brands. Register here.

Hannah Donald is the Communications Manager for Not My Style, an app that tells you how much your favourite brands share about the women and men who make our clothes.

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Here are some of the sustainable fashion brands showcasing on Thurs 2nd Nov:


Wear the Walk

Reve en Vert


The Social Mercenary