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 Tuesday, 31st October, 2017

by Will Webb

Making a film is like solving a puzzle. The pieces are questions derived from worst case scenarios. How will I fit 14 people and gear into a small flat in Shoreditch? How will I shoot 16 pages of dialogue in two days? How will weather and traffic patterns conspire against us to hold back production? 

On my previous films, made with no budget and a DIY attitude, these practical problems arose with every creative choice. Thanks to the Hospital Club and their Emerging Creatives programme, Dalstonian is my first funded short, allowing me to progress as a filmmaker and enhancing my career in a way I couldn't do on my own. With that funding, I was able to call on the expertise and experience of an outstanding professional crew, and focus on telling the story of the film- a short drama looking at two lonely people trying to forge a connection despite the pressures of their dreams, social anxieties, and overpriced rent. 

With my crew's help, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place, and problems turned into solutions that gave something extra to the film. A bold, clearly visualised aesthetic, using minimal coverage, enabled us to shoot complex scenes in single shots, and gave our actors plenty of space to explore the dynamics of their characters' fragile relationship. The sun came out from behind the clouds for a crucial street scene, framing the leads in a halo of light. 

With happy accidents and hard work, the puzzle, and so the production of the film, is complete. Our next step is to arrange post-production, looking for colourists, sound mixers and facilities for the film we worked hard to produce. It's another puzzle to solve- and if any members of the Hospital Club have suggestions or advice on moving forward with that, do get in touch, as your help could be the missing piece.