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The Bigger Picture

 Friday, 3rd November, 2017
The Bigger Picture

A highlight of the series

In its fourth year, The Bigger Picture is a series of events, workshops, talks and tastings that explores ways in which we can take a positive approach to living an environmentally responsible lifestyle. 

Did you manage join us for this year’s Bigger Picture series? If so, you will already be on your way to living a more sustainable way of life! If not, then let us highlight some of the events that took place here in the Club. 


We kicked of the series with a talk that explores Five signs you might be burning out. We’ve all been there. With demanding deadlines and heavy workloads, we often put our personal life to the side. The last minute cancelling of dinner plans with friends, coming home from work late, forgetting that special someone’s birthday, in denial of problems, loss of appetite, excessive drinking or odd behavioural changes… sound familiar? Yup. Guilty. 

Leanne Spencer of Bobyshot Performance, hosted the session which gave an understanding of what burnout is, what the signs are and how we can recognise them. Focusing on sleep, mental health, body composition, energy, digestion and fitness – and how we can use these signals to improve our health, get more sleep, have less stress and feel more in control of our lives. 

Below are two activities which make a great starting point:

Colour code your diary

Identifying your balance is a start, and one way of doing so is colour coding your diary. The below is an example from Leanne:

Look at your typical week and colour code:

red = working
green = relaxing/recovering
blue = family or personal time
yellow = sleeping

1. Increase the blue and yellow time with activities such as; meditation, walking, reading, podcasts etc. 

2. Take part in more gentle restorative exercise such as walking, yoga, stretching etc. 

Sleep staircase

Envisage your journey to sleeping as if it was a staircase. Starting from the top, here are a few key points to consider, jotted down from Leanne:

  • Have a consistent wake time
  • Start the day with natural light (difficult in winter, we know!)
  • Move your body – gentle exercising
  • Take regular breaks from your screen
  • Don’t workout past 6pm, this increases body temperature
  • Avoid alcohol close to bedtime


Looking after ourselves both mentally and physically, then takes us on to our next session…

Aveda; a beauty brand which takes a holistic and environmentally responsible approach using only plant-based products. The team from The Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa joined us in hosting three different events; Men’s Grooming, Women’s Lifestyle and Holistic and Wellness Consultations. Throughout these sessions, Aveda offered mini facials, scalp to soul consultations, hair advice, stress relieving neck and shoulder rituals and hand massages. 

When entering the room, we were welcomed by what can only be described as a “pure” aroma; Chakra 7 Balancing Body Mist, which expresses wisdom and enlightenment. If the welcoming scent wasn’t enough, we were also served a cup of Aveda comforting tea, which was incredibly soothing and made us feel almost too comforted (a mid-day nap was very possible), this can only be down to the natural herbal ingredients which included liquorice, peppermint, fennel and basil. If you are looking for an easy wind-down cuppa throughout these cold months definitely try it.  

Members enjoyed the beauty treatments on offer, many of whom stuck around for multiple treatments and why ever not!

Aveda’s mission is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world. In leading an environmental responsibility, Aveda sources pure flower and plant essences from local communities around the world.


For those of us who are conscious of where our clothes come from and who makes them, then our number of sustainable fashion events where the place to be…

The team behind Not My Style, an app that gives an insight into how much our favourite fashion brands share about those who make our clothes and how they are treated. The team joined us for a couple of events which focused on Sustainable Fashion and The Future of Fashion. One of which, co-founder Alisha Miranda was joined by a panellist to discuss how new innovations are helping fashion brands and consumers to embrace and champion sustainability, followed by a Q&A with the audience. 

Fashionbytes is a revolutionary multimedia platform which is designed to help new, emerging and established design talent flourish through a mix of live educational events, industry news and a vibrant community. This allows creatives, design talent and experts to share ideas. Through this interactive approach, Fashionbytes connects people and promotes networking with established, budding businesses and those aspiring to succeed. Read here what Hilary of Fashionbytes had to say about Sustainable Fashion. 


Simon Coley (Co-Founder of Karma Cola) and Albert Tucker, Fairtrade advocate, joined us in The Oak Room to share with us their story and success. Their story alone is enough to make you want to go and buy a selection before even knowing the flavours. 

Back in 2010, Karma Cola, received a package of cola nuts which were sent over to New Zealand all the way from Boma, a small village in the Gala Rainforest in Sierra Leone. 

To ensure those who are at the source of the product get something back in return, Karma Cola set up the Karma Cola Foundation. ‘If we grow, they grow too’. The Foundation allows the communities to decide what projects they would like to run and invest in. This project works alongside German charity Welthungerhilfe and the African Agroforestry Farmers Association. Keeping Fairtrade at the forefront, the foundation is headed by Fairtrade advocate Albert Tucker. The Foundation has provided scholarships for more than 60 young children to attend school and built 2 rice processing centres to secure food supply, these are just two examples of the inspiring work that has been carried out so far. 

Their cola is sourced from Sierra Leone, ginger sourced from Sri Lanka and lemons sourced from Sicily. So, by purchasing Karma Cola products, not only are you getting pleasure from enjoying a refreshing drink, you are also helping those in great need. The foundation works with eight communities across Sierra Leone. 


Did you know that 44% of all bread produced in the UK is thrown away? That’s a shocking amount of waste, and that’s from bread alone. 

The team behind Toast wanted to take action by helping to prevent this waste from going to landfill sites and they believed that food waste should go straight back into the food chain. Tristram; Founder of Toast said ‘Why can’t we get wasted on waste?’, and so that’s exactly what happened! ...I’m sure they were sober when experimenting with the recipes, of course! 

Toast have created a range of ales that are made using bread that would otherwise go to waste. Ok, so I know what you’re thinking, ’why would I want to eat mouldy bread’, just to clarify, they use only fresh bread… the stuff that is surplus to requirement (think loaf ends from sandwich makers). 

During the masterclass, the story and success was shared with us along with a tasting of each of their 3 products and lots of questions from our members. In fact, a member fired a great question: ‘How much bread is in 1 bottle?’ Surprisingly the bottle to slice ratio is the same; 1:1. That’s technically half a sandwich, right?

Their recipe is simple. For the first stage, instead of using hot water and malt only, they replace a third of the malt with bread, extracting the natural sugars from the bread. 

Toast currently offer 3 products; Craft Lager (Much Kneaded), Pale Ale (Purebread) and Session IPA (Bloomin’ Lovely), all of which are brewed in Yorkshire. However… we were told some exciting news that the team are taking Toast over to the States, launching in New York on 4th July, 2018. Not only that, they also have plans in the pipeline for Rio, Brazil. As a sustainable brand, Toast will be using local breweries and bread waste from surrounding areas. 

Not only do Toast take waste bread and turn it into something delicious, they also give 100% of all profit to charity Feedback in tackling food waste.


When it comes to food, why have we handed power over to corporations who care only for short-term goals and profits? Our health and nourishment some be first and foremost. 

Advaya Initiative joined us for a solution orientated panel discussion exploring the current state of the food industry and what the future holds ahead of us. In today’s society, we are becoming increasingly more aware of the food and drink we consume. We want to help steer the course of food in Britain towards a healthy, sustainable and globally considerate path. 

‘While Brexit threatens an exacerbation in low standards of food production, nutrition and environmental degradation it also presents us with an opportunity to take back the power, create participatory democratic governance of our food system, challenge corporate power, replace unhealthy farming practices with sustainable agro-ecological methods of production and ensure healthy and natural food for all’.  


FAIR. spirits believe in treating all individuals fairly, their vision has taken them all over the world to source some of the best ingredients for their spirits. 

One of which being their FAIR.Gin. Their juniper berries used are sourced from a nature reserve over in Uzbekistan. For the mainly rural population here, agriculture is the key source of income, with many farmers living below the poverty line. The Dustkul Bogi cooperative (small-scale farmers in Uzbekistan) have three main objectives: to increase production, develop the social environment and develop organic production. The FAIR. team are creating a bridge between two worlds bringing the finest and most conscious spirits to our very glasses!


We would like to thank all of those who attended The Bigger Picture and to those who helped in making the series happen. Through innovation, creativity and collaboration, our events aim to generate engagement with key social, economic, and environmental issues and inspire creative thinking.


Let’s finish on a quote from Toast: “To change the world you have to throw a better party then the people destroying it”.