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h100 Awards - Caroline Broadhead

 Friday, 31st August, 2018

With this year’s h100 Awards fast approaching, we thought we would give you the opportunity to get to know some of our nominees. 

Caroline Broadhead is a nominee within the Arts, Design and Craft category. Caroline’s ideas revolve around objects that come into contact with and interact with the body. 


Below Caroline explains some of her pieces.


Blanket for a Foundling, 2014

The parent, when handing over a child to the Foundling Hospital, was encouraged to leave a piece of cloth to identify themselves in the event of returning for their child and this was cut from their baby’s clothing or their own. I thought about the significance of the cut, the separation of a part from a whole and the hole this must have left behind. Although the foundlings were looked after, fed and educated they did not get the warmth and affection normally associated with family life.  A blanket usually offers warmth and comfort, but this blanket of glass beads does not offer that sense of protection, it is mostly made up of holes. The parent also left a token behind, sometimes a piece of jewellery. I wove a second-hand double stringed necklace of artificial pearls into the blanket, opened out to form a larger gaping hole – the mother’s loss.


Exchange of Views, 2006

The tradition of hanging net curtains at windows interferes with the two-way exchange of looking out and looking in, controlling curiosity and privacy, and interrupting the gaze to the screen of fabric.  The idea of Exchange of Views was to create a spectacle of the very thing that is meant to deny one. It is about the act of looking into a mirror and through lace curtains. The fragments don’t provide a whole reflected image, but by walking past, it is possible to see a more complete one, as each reflection is connected with the next ones.