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The Hospital Club Video

We are a unique private members club in the heart of Covent Garden, London, for members of the creative industries. The seven storey building has an award-winning TV and Music Studio , a Gallery, Restaurant and Bars, a Screening Room, Hotel Rooms, and the Oak Room, a live performance space. Read more about us here

  Fashionbytes presents… How to take your business global

You have a thriving fashion business but what’s the next step? World domination? Perhaps not world domination but a little expansion may be on the cards... But where would you even start?

Join us to explore the strategies to building a global fashion brand and ensure you give your expansion the best possible chance of success.

  Ronnie Scott’s Presents… Retrospective for Love

Live from The Oak Room, the world famous Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club is back for a monthly line-up of influential acts to get your feet moving and souls alight.

Our next instalment features Retrospective for Love which is a satisfying new sound for a fresh generation of soul lovers.

  Travel Stories: Tales of The Silk Road

Emile Waite Taylor is a hugely experienced and passionate adventurer. Having been delivering off-road expeditions around the world with Jaguar Land Rover for 10 years, Emile has visited over 140 countries, amassing a wealth of experiences and stories. Join us as we welcome Emile to share some of his favourite stories, images and totally unique off-the beaten track experiences from this mysterious part of the world. 

  Famous First Words

 Famous First Words is a musical game show that invites you, the audience, to jump on stage and smash out the first line of a famous song.

The format is simple; singing the first line of a well known song is all it takes to become a legend. ‘Everyone knows classic songs when they start playing but the jeopardy lies in how successfully they are able to impress the tough judging panel with getting the correct words, in time and with conviction. It’s easier said than done’ said co-creator Gendle.

  Yoga & Meditation Dinner

As part of our Detox Retox programme.

Yoga teacher, Clive Fogelman will guide you in a gentle and restorative yoga practise to help you unwind and relax at the end of the day.